26 Mar

Sjefsredaktør i Obesity Surgery, Scott A. Shikora, sende ut ei oppdatert liste med akseptert nomenklatur i eit nyheitsbrev i går. Tanken bak er å fremje eit presist og godt språk - som ikkje er stigmatiserande.

Nomenklaturen under kan tene som inspirasjon for å diskutere gode norske ord og vendingar til bruk i klinisk praksis og forsking.

"Please refer to the detailed list below for nomenclature that is no longer acceptable in OBSU articles, and for nomenclature that should instead be used. We recommend you save this list and refer to it when needed" (Scott A. Shikora). 

                                                IFSO Accepted Definitions for Publications

Old not accepted nomenclatureNew accepted nomenclature
Morbid obesitySevere obesity
Obese/DiabeticsPatient or individual with obesity/ diabetes
Subject/sPatient/s or individual/s
Weight loss surgeryMetabolic Bariatric Surgery (MBS)
Super or super-super obesityPlease use Body Mass Index reference BMI>50 or BMI>60 to refer to this patient population respectively
Gold standardAvoid using this term please
Revision procedure‘Revision or modification’ for any procedure that does not encompass conversion to a new procedure with a new mechanism of action or reversal of the anatomy. Revision or modification encompasses correction or an enhancement of the same procedure (revision of a gastric
pouch, distalization of gastric bypass)
Conversion procedure‘Conversion’ entails converting one procedure to another with a different mechanism of action. Revision is no longer accepted as a substitution
Reversal procedureTerm can still be used to describe reversing a procedure to the normal standard anatomy
Insufficient or inadequate weight loss‘Suboptimal clinical response’ encompasses maximum total weight loss outcome (TWL%) <20%, while also covering no improvement or worsening of any obesity complication that was present preoperatively
Weight loss failureFailure is no longer an acceptable term. Use suboptimal clinical response if fits these criteria
Adequate weight lossOptimal clinical response which follows the criteria of TWL% >20% and/or improvement of obesity complication/s
SuccessThis term is no longer acceptable. Please use Optimal clinical response for primary procedures or optimal clinical response for other revision or conversion procedures
Restrictive or Malabsorptive proceduresThese terms are not acceptable to use. Please describe procedures per their anatomic features, bypass, diversion, etc …
Malabsorption/HypoabsorptionBoth are accepted, but it is essential to report: Micronutrient for minerals and elements versus Macronutrient for protein/fact or carbohydrates
Weight regain/ recurrenceRecurrent weight gain
BMI 30 < 35kg/m2Obesity I
BMI 35 < 40kg/m2Obesity II
BMI 40 < 50kg/m2Obesity III
BMI 50 < 60kg/m2 "Super Obesity"Obesity IV
BMI 60 < 70kg/m2 "Super-Super Obesity"Obesity V